December 17, 2018

About us

an exciting international and local community project, which was launched 2016 in the City of Tshwane.

The principal motivation for establishing such a festival was to promote Pretoria as an international tourist attraction. Few people realize that the Voortrekker Monument is the 2nd most visited tourist attraction in South Africa after the Cape Town Waterfront.
International visitors land up staying in Johannesburg as a matter of course, pay a day visit to the Monument and miss out on so much else on offer within the city of Tshwane.

Tshwane is the ideal metropole to host a festival, bearing in mind the various embassies, from all over the world extant within the city boundaries.

The Gaufestival was registered as a Non-Profit-Organization and was launched in 2016 within various venues in Tshwane. The parties on board are City of Tshwane, various theatres, the law firm, Couzyn Hertzog and Horak, TTA – Tshwane Tourism Association, Art galleries and a host of community projects, as you will soon see in the video presentation of highlights from this year’s festival.

The Gaufestival endeavours to connect all and sundry in the Arts as well as the community.

2016 Marked the first year of this iniative in Tshwane, creating not only awareness of the Arts in our community, but most importantly, creating a platform for all developing and existing artists, both local and international.

With Arts Festivals to pick and choose from in other parts of the country, the time was ready for Gauteng to make its own valuable contribution in this field. The City of Tshwane is not only wholeheartedly on board with its blessing for this initiative, but has lent a helping hand in so many ways, to support, nurture assist and celebrate the Gaufestival.

Albeit that several embassies are already on board with their support of artists, performances, exhibitions, cookery demonstrations and other endeavours, we invite all of you to join hands for this as a display platform for artists from your various countries.

BACKGROUND – GAUFESTIVAL 2016 – 2017 – 2018

Organization for the Gaufestival got off to a kick start when very kind and willing volunteers came on board to assist to get this ball rolling properly. Much appreciation goes out to these pioneers, who have just made such a difference.

Without the sponsorship or the extensive marketing we had envisaged, the 2016 festival took place and 2400 tickets were sold for the various events in Tshwane.

It just somehow seemed to be good enough fo us to continue with this endeavour, a dream really, if you like, and make the Gaufestival something huge and something that will outlive us all for many years to come.

In 2017, we persevered, still with limited assistance, but a basic awareness had been created and more parties came on board.
We sold 14 000 tickets.

For 2018 the City of Tshwane came on board in real terms and ticket sales skyrocketed to 42 000…..! I doubt that it is necessary to elaborate the implacations of this kind of business generated with the city boundaries. LET US GIVE THEM A HAND!

Excitement reigns and that is also what we came to celebrate tonight.

The engine room for the entire Gaufestival is within the walls of this establishment where the board and management commitee meet on a weekly basis. ………Our office can be contacted telephonically during business hours, for any queries. You are also welcome to visit the Gaufestival website.


Entertainment forms the backbone of any festival worth its salt.
Exciting events are lined up at a variety of excellent venues all over Tshwane. From the most intimate chamber recitals to huge picnic concerts in the outdoors.


Also under the Gaufestival umbrella we find the following Art Galleries who have come on board with special exhibitions.

Brooklyn Theatre – CANSA Gallery
Pretoria Art Museum
Pretoria Association of the Arts
Alliance Francaise
Lucit Restaurant

Arts & Crafts at Greenlyn
Morning and night markets during the festival.


Food is that one element of any festival which one cannot ignore.
I am sure there are many of you who are familiar with the Hazelfood Market which has been operating on this property for the past seven years.

This is a truly international food market with an excellent variety of cuisine for everyone.


The Gaufestival is pre-empted with a whole week of OUTREACH endeavours.

The City of Tshwane assists with transport for children to visit final rehearsals and other activities.


The Dendrological society – those brave people who look after the whole issue around trees. National Arbour Day normally falls within the GauFestival and a tree has been planted on this property every year thus far.


After serious negotiations over the past 3 years, to get a substantial health element on board for the festival, this has become a reality with the Chamberlain’s Capital Classic Fun Run, which will now
become part of the 2019 GauFestival.


In this day and age of digital marketing, the full database of the City of Tshwane, as well as all the various venues, galleries, embassies etc. will participate to promote the festival.
Your assistance will be much appreciated to market the festival within in your own countries, and via tour operators.


Applications for participation in the 2019 festival are already open on the festival website.

Getting all international embassies interested and involved in the GauFestival is a high priority and we urge you to contact us regarding any projects you may have on your agenda for the future.


The Gaufestival falls within the most beautiful month of the year in Tshwane with the Jacarandas in full bloom, literally drawing hundreds of international tourists to the city to experience the splendour of it all.

Let us endeavour to keep these visitors for longer the merely one day so that the entire city can benefit from this.

The Gauteng Festival logo with its colourful umbrella stands for ‘INCLUSION’ of EVERYONE in Tshwane.

This is a brilliant opportunity to market our beautiful city locally and abroad and last but not least create many job opportunities and hopefully much pleasure to everyone who will be attending this festival.

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